Everyone: You've been into the opposite gender bathroom, even if it was an accident, at least once. amirite?

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You know this post would have still worked without the, "Everyone:" bit right?

Oh, there you are Perry.

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Once, I when i was little, i went into the wrong bathroom and there was only one guy and I told him HE was in the wrong bathroom! XD

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I've never went in by accident, but I remember in first grade my teacher let us see the inside of the opposite sexes bathrooms so we could see what they looked like.

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I accidentally went into the men's bathroom when I was little because there was a plant near the sign and I thought it said 'Women'.
Strangely enough, one my grandma's male friends accidentally went into the women's bathroom for the same reason - there was a plant covering the 'Wo' part of 'Women'.

Zeerusts avatar Zeerust Yeah You Are +5Reply

I used to randomly go into the boy's bathroom to feel badass.

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@sansa I used to randomly go into the boy's bathroom to feel badass.

I went in the boys bathroom during Back to School Night because my friend and I were playing hide-and-seek. :)

One time, at rehearsal we had a break. At one point there were six girls in the guy's bathroom. It just became more and more awkward from there...
Good times!

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Does it count if I only put my foot in?

On purpose in my school in first grade (that bitch tattled on me) and many, many times at my church.

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