Statistics show that 1 in 20 of us live next door to a convicted pedophile. Not me though, I live next to two stunning 12 year olds, amirite?

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Nice categorizing, bro

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@PurpleZebra Nice categorizing, bro

"food" was a mod thing, it was when the moderators wanted to troll, they would go anon and place their posts in "food" which meant "do not remove"

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Oh my gosh that is so hillariously terrible!

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I want this to be POTD. y smilie

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@Nonchalant_Nina I want this to be POTD.

So fricken much. Fav this shit because it is great stuff. I want it to be, Top fav'd of all time. Ah_Yep it's this posts time to shine.

69 people love this, so i'm going to respect that number and not love it. but i want you to know i actually love this.

Did anybody notice that every single post on this page is from the food category? I don't usually see much from that.

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lol no I get that part. All of the other posts below this for a while are also about food though too...

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Hmm, I saw this on facebook.

its funny that this is under the category of 'food'.


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Thats true one of my friends used to live down the street from a convited rapist he moved though must have been out of the area because I can't find him on megan's law anymore

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Nice try, FBI!

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Not me, I live in-between two un-convicted ones!

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i dont get it??

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@i dont get it??

It means that he is that 1 in 20...

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bitch shut up. it's not funny to joke about pedophiles. why is everyone so insensitive about this topic? my 12 year old sister was kidnapped a year ago and barely talks to anyone, ever. why can't people realize this is actually a serious, not-funny thing?

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