No offense, but when guys use double letters, it makes them sound gay. Using extra letters in words should be a "girls only" rule, amirite?

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It should be a no one rule

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How about no one does it and then we can all be happy?

acisseJs avatar acisseJ No Way +34Reply

Using extra letters should be an "I'm trying to look like I actually have more to say but actually I'm just a short minded idiot" rule.

Vacas avatar Vaca No Way +25Reply

I agree, unless it's on accident. On my phone I often do it on accident. But the people thaaaat tyyppeeee likeeeee thiiiiiiss it is annoying, no matter their gender.

"Using extra letters in words should be a "girls only" rule, amirite?"
Using extra letters in words should be a twelve year olds only rule.

There, I fixed it ;)

That 90s Girls-Rool-Boyz-Drool attitude needs to die, amirite? -_-

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I dunno, it kinda sounds like they have a fluid stutter.

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are +4Reply

Umm... no one should, it's just stupid and pointless. :/

omgg u r lyk sooo rite!11!


What if they are gayyy?

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Um, stfu. The End.

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