It's kinda stupid when people just assume they have something wrong with them. Especially depression. You're not depressed, you're upset because of a stupid reason that shouldn't even MAKE you depressed. Seriously, you're life isn't that bad. Suck it up. Big deal, you had a bad day. The rest of the world had a bad day and so many more people have it so much more worse than you, amirite?

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I kinda agree, but also don't

People handles stress differently, and pain is pain no matter where the pain is coming from. You can't go comparing yourself to other people because there will ALWAYS be someone who has it worse. That doesn't make one person's pain any less important. Everyone has bad days, so let them have their bad days and deal how they can. Complaining or crying or whatever. As long as it's not constant, it's fine in my book. We all have bad days, and sometimes it's something that would otherwise be insignificant, but just happens to be the last straw that makes us break. For example, I missed my bus a few days ago and had to wait all of 20 minutes for the next, but I broke down and started crying. It was just the final straw. Between work, school, moving, and my boyfriend's mom dying, I couldn't handle it anymore. That little bit pushed me over.

We all have bad days. Some people may have it worse, but that doesn't make our bad days good days.

Its not that simple, people who have depression and Im not talking about "OH MY GOSHH I am soo depressed Im grounded for like forever fml" no, Im talking about people with clinical depression can't just wake up one day and decide to be happy.. its not that simple, and sometimes they have a reason to be depressed, sometimes they don't.. you shouldn't judge that way if you haven't experienced it.

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What are you trying to say, depression isn't real? EVERYONE has someone in the world with a worse life than them, that doesn't mean you can't be sad. What, the only person who can be sad is the guy who has it worse than all?

You can't even spell and you're trying to tell people if they're depressed or not? All you see them is a few hours in school, and you're trying to judge if their life is bad enough.

What a ridiculous post and a stupid OP.

I have clinical Depression and Bipolar. I just got out of a mental hospital, where I stayed for 8 days, last night.

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@I have clinical Depression and Bipolar. I just got out of a mental hospital, where I stayed for 8 days, last night.

(...): i can't belive people voted your post down. i am so sorry you're going through that. i hope everything turns out nicely for you.

@Thank you. :) Things have been better, but it's a process.

(...): i'm glad things are getting better for you! i've been through a lot too, but i'm sure not as bad as many other have had it. things will be ok; you just gotta trust it. =)

@I have clinical Depression and Bipolar. I just got out of a mental hospital, where I stayed for 8 days, last night.

(...): i was in a mental hospital three times for manic depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.
it's not like you can just be like "oh this happened, i have depression now" it's a genetic thing. my uncles, aunts, my mom, and my grandparents all have it too. i have a perfect life, and i know it, but i'm stilll depressed.
so shut the fuck up and don't say people are saying things like that just because one small thing happened to them. that thing could also mean the world to them.

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@(...): i was in a mental hospital three times for manic depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and anxiety...

Uh, I never was. I simply stated what happened to ME personally. I don't like to denigrate people's feelings because no matter what the reason is, they are still in pain. If there was any implication that I was doing so, then I apologize profusely.

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First, depression is a medical condition. You, apparently, have only met people who claim depression without actually having it. Second, some people, even in developed countries such as England, actually DO have damn good reasons to feel sad and just because they don't put on their superhero cape and shrug it off because someone, somewhere has it worse, doesn't make them any less of a person. Think before you type this stuff.

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Just because some people have it worse, doesn't mean that we're not allowed to be upset. You can't just assume that every depressed person is faking it, or can just "get over it" and "suck it up".
You sir/madam, are a huge asshat.

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I feel like I'm basically reiterating what Twisted_memories, but I agree that people who claim to have depression when really they're just having a shitty day are annoying because it is a medical/clinical issue not just feeling a little sad.

On the other hand just because other people have it worse doesn't automatically make someone's problems less important. Even issues like stress from school/family that seem small compared to starvation, murder, etc. can affect a person.

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I've suffered with Depression since 2008, and i'm still recovering now with the help of my very supportive boyfriend, and yes i do agree that theres always someone who's worse off than yourself,but you shouldn't say that if people think there's something wrong with them (even if they've went through something very emotional and has scarred them for life) that they're wrong, i was denying it at first that i had Depression, because i thought i was strong, but i didn't realise how weak i am and how easily i can fall apart.
I thought the only way to take the pain away was to cut it away, but it hasn't worked, and it never will, my pain will never go away, and someone telling me to 'suck it up' or to 'get over it' will not make me any better than i am now.

You just don't know how many people are suffering in silence, suffering alone because they're too afraid to talk to anyone about their problems, you don't know how easily someone can fall apart just because someone doesn't believe them..

Hypochondriacs? People with clinical depression? You can't wake up every day feeling happy. Repeating other posts, it's annoying when people complain over dumb stuff like "OMG, I have so much homework my life sucks I hate it" but some is legitimate.

i think i speak for the whole fucking world when i say go suck a dick and fuck yourself. don't say shit like that. kthanksbye. cunt.

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As someone who has suffered from depression in the past, I can say that there is a HUGE difference between having a bad day and having depression. I always berated myself for being weak, because I knew that people like you who belittle feelings were out there, everywhere. Yes, I know that a lot of people had it worse than I did; but that led to my feeling worse for being selfish...

And by the way. *YOUR life isn't that bad. not YOU'RE.

Pain is still pain, You can't say I have to suck it up because I'm feeling down in the dumps because someone in Africa can't eat, or someone just lost their parents, because it's still painfull for me.

Most of the time you don't even know why you're depressed, it just happens one day and suddenly everything just makes you angry and you just start to not care about everything.

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