Facebook Politics: America and North Korea are now friends. China likes this. Russia has poked America. America has written on Russia's wall. America and Pakistan have gone from 'in a relationship' to 'it's complicated'. amirite?

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And Japan just had their account hacked.

Goddamn Hetalia... this would be so much funnier if I was still able to picture this as great big landmasses sitting at computers. I could still do so for Pakistan, I suppose. If I knew what Pakistan was shaped like.

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did this come on facebook as a like first or here?

Ireas avatar Irea Yeah You Are +2Reply

...Hetalia makes this so much better. sniff

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America and everybody (or at least almost everybody...) are doing the "It's Complicated" thing.

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Since when are America and North Korea friends? Last time I checked they were still trying to nouk us...

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Very well said.

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Yeah, I totally thought of Hetalia, too. xDD

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