A person with a vagina is called a woman. A person with a penis is called a man. A person with both a penis and a vagina is called an hermaphrodite but what about people that don't have any sexual organs, amirite?

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I just want to know how they piss.

@Etherial I just want to know how they piss.

Lol, if you really want to know the answer, the doctors usually make a urinary track if the baby isn't born with one.

If the baby doesn't have kidneys or a bladder, then that's a whole 'nother issue than not having sex organs.

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I'd go with eunuch medically, but generally the doctors will assign them a gender based on chromosomes, even if they do have abnormal chromosomes. I have heard of this happening before, with mothers exposed to a certain chemical, so either at conception or during gestation, their babies didn't form sex organs (all the babies were female, so they didn't form ovaries/womb/vagina/vulva). I think doctors waited until the girls were 16 and performed genital surgery, but I can't find a link.

BTW, sorry to be a little politically correct wanker, but people will either abnormal chromosomes, or abnormal/ambiguous genital, or both primary sex organs (ovaries and testes) are called intersex, not hermaphrodite. Hermaphrodite is a term for an animal or plant whose species normally is both sexes (ie. worms) rather than a human whose physically sex is abnormal.

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really? REALLY? two paragraphs is too much for your lazy ass???

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A eunuch is a man who's been castrated, so clearly that isn't an appropriate definition.

I'd go for Rosie O'Donnell.

Well the obvious answer is a Ken doll...

@CBbasketball Screwed

How can they be screwed? hello smilie

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@How can they be screwed?

I was just saying they would be screwed but it ties into what you do with those "Things". lol

Your mom

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Oh I'm sorry my mistake


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wow i would not like to know a person without any sexual organ

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i am very sorry for those without any sexual organs

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iam loving this website

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but if you are a person with both organs can you get rather of any and be any gender

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*what is a man made up of

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how is that possible that a person has no sexual organ how would you the gender or sex

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what is a person called with both sexual organ

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Justin Bieber.

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@Justin Bieber.

Omfg how original.

Maybe a fetus?

@Sqwancho Maybe a fetus?

It's not a perso--

inb4 abortion debates

@Alexus It's not a perso-- inb4 abortion debates

Yeah, I don't want to be the cause of abortion debates. Those tend to be pointless.

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