Hipsters should all be left handed. Being right handed is too "mainstream", amirite?

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Hipsters shouldn't be able to read or write, 'cos that's definately mainstream.

Which is why I am left-handed. And learning to be ambidextrous, please don't copy me or I'll have to find a new way of not being mainstream

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Being a hipster has become way too mainstream now.

But then a lot of people will be left-handed and so left-handedness will become too mainstream.

I used to be left-handed, but thats too mainstream. Now I just write with my mind.

i don't want hipsters ruining the left-handed sacredness lol jk, but they could always use feet because hands are so mainstream

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There are already millions of left handed and ambedextrious people so they should write with their feet

Aren't there more lefties than righties?

@TheHacker Aren't there more lefties than righties?

No, that's why everything is made for right-handed people. Scissors, notebooks, etc.

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