Jersey Shore disproves Darwinism, amirite?

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Darwinism disproves Jersey Shore.

@Shadi Darwinism disproves Jersey Shore.

(Chauncy Pickles): Disproves Shore Darwinism Jersey

@Simon (Chauncy Pickles): Disproves Shore Darwinism Jersey

Who am I to question interpretation?

If you wish to understand my comment, I was incorrectly -- and intentionally, mind you -- implying that Simon meant to make an imperative statement (i.e. making a command). Therefore, I corrected him by suggesting that he should omit the s at the end of Disporoves.

I understand that Simon was only rearranging the words.

Know what doesn't disprove dawinism? Fucking cats who are part pop tart and shitting rainbows as they fly through space. like so: http://nyan.cat

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Sorry. Can't do anything about it now, haha.

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