It seems like every few years a new species of conforming non-conformists emerges. In the early 2000s it was goths/punks, then emos, then scene kids, and most recently hipsters, amirite?

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Early 2000s...Punks and Goths.
No, not really.
Methinks you need to learn your subcultures.

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@Early 2000s...Punks and Goths. No, not really. Methinks you need to learn your...

I don't think the pster necessarily meant when the subcultures first emerged, but by more when they were 'trendy'.

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It's always been the same kids, they've just grown up and found new ways to be unlike everyone else

Emos aren't non-conformist, and scene kids aren't to a degree. Any "emo" kid who calls him/herself a non-conformist is either vastly misinformed about what style they're trying to achieve or doing it for attention

nah brah. punk and hippies are really the only non conformists you named there. emos and scenes jsut think theyre non conformist.

Wrong timeline...and not all member members of subcultures consider themselves nonconformist.

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emo = scene

I was a hipster before being hipster was mainstream :P

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