How can scientists be unable to mimic human movement completely? Our entire musculatory and bone system is know to science, and how it functions to create movement, so even though it would be complex, science shoule be able to mimic it, amirite?

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I hate when people expect enormous things out of science. If you think it should be possible, figure it out yourself.

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The thing is, we have tissue, while machines do not. We have cells designed for movement, machines have gears.

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ono smilie And we know how we could expand a wormhole using dark energy to make time travel a possibility, so why don't we just DO IT? Cuz tools, that's why. People expect science to do too much. I fucking love science and I think it's almost magical don't get me wrong. You know how a body cell is constructed and reproduced, I bet you still couldn't make one. I know how a piano makes sound and different notes through vibration, but I couldn't build one. It takes more than just an understandment of something's movement to build it.

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