A crappy job can be made way better if you have an amazing boss, amirite?

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the same could also go with school.
like if you absolutely hate a subject, but the teacher is amazing, then you're just like "ahh well. at least i won't be too miserable during this class today."

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Or the other way around... like at Dunder Mifflin

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@Or the other way around... like at Dunder Mifflin

(Dwight Shrute): This is also true.

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Well, that would be true... :P

Tell me about your tattoos. Our compatibility is suck... so if this was a dating site, we wouldn't have even met each other... or so I would assume

Btw, amirite tells me I can't post on your wall unless I follow you to your bedroom? I dunno... that's what amirite is telling me

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