Girls: Sometimes you wished that you had the ability to kill with only one glance from your eyes. So when a guy would stare at your boobs, you would just look at down at his crotch and BOOM! amirite?

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nobody wants to stare at your boobs. Stop flattering yourself.

yeh, this goes a bit far. What if your boyfriend stares at your boobs? What if you give a diry look to your dad?

what's wrong with guys staring at girls boobs?

@sonofposeidon what's wrong with guys staring at girls boobs?

It's uncomfortable to catch anyone just staring at you.

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That's just so CRUEL!

Cruel especially since the girls are the one showing their breasts

That. Would. Be. AWESOME.

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@That. Would. Be. AWESOME.

Your. Life. Is. AVERAGE!!!!!!!
Mind. Blown.

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