It's weird that you automatically open water/Gatorade bottles with your non-dominant hand, amirite?

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Why not just say bottles..

genes avatar gene No Way +31Reply

Wouldn't it make sense because your dominant hand is holding the bottle?

@Tape Lies.

God forbid someone holds a freaking bottle differently. :P

Kellies avatar Kellie No Way +2Reply

I'm lefthanded, so I use my dominant hand!

I don't do that... is that something people normally do?

I use the right hand upside down. Is that weird?

@Brettward95 Awwww maaannnnnn.

It's ok. Have a turnip to console yourself.

@Brettward95 What is with this site and turnips?

We don't like turnips so we just pass them off to each other.

@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm We don't like turnips so we just pass them off to each other.

I get it. Then this sentence is supposed to be funny, but I can't think of anything.

@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm Good effort. Have another turnip.

You know what? I'm just gonna thank you and move on. Thank you.

@Brettward95 I use the right hand upside down. Is that weird?

won't everything just spill then? all you would accomplish from doing such is make the biggest mess...

@Brettward95 I don't know! That's just how it works for me!

congrats on beating physics, here's a turnip...

@Brettward95 I hate you.

Would a radish be preferable?

@Brettward95 Why not?

Good. Here's a radish. Note the sexy bow on it.

@Brettward95 I did.

Don't go TOO far, now.

@heethebobo Don't go TOO far, now.

I apologize. Here is my gift to you for forgiveness. Image in content

i never noticed i did that untill you pointed it out

fuckoffwhores avatar fuckoffwhore Yeah You Are 0Reply

i can't open bottles with my hands so i use my teeth instead

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I do it with bottles but not with cans.

I use my right hand but turn towards myself...I pretty much never use my left hand for anything when I could possibly be using my right. my left had is basically useless.

Kellies avatar Kellie No Way -6Reply

It's easiest to open a bottle with your left hand, given that the cap has to be turned counter-clockwise and the wrist on your left hand moves more freely that way. Since most people are right handed, it is a pure coincidence that this happens, but this post made me think about it, and for me it is true!

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@a_fetus I'm left-handed and I open the cap with my right hand. No, I can't make sense of this.

I'm left-handed as well and open it with my right hand. I think the sense is, for me, the strength I need is having a good grip on the bottle I'm holding, which I need my dominant hand for, then gently twist the cap.
Some people are the opposite and need their dominant hand for turning the cap, so would use their non-dominant to hold the bottle.

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