If guys could realize how all the little things, like not texting or calling us for days at a time, or randomly complimenting us for no reason, make us feel, they might actually stop and think more about their actions. For all the guys reading this, take the time out of your day to remind your girl that you care, because it will mean the world to her. Amirite?

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The amount of bull shit this post contains is beyond me. Girls, you need to get over yourselves. We will tell you when you look good, we will call you/text you when we want to. Do you really want a false compliment, or a call when we actually don't want to talk? Things are considerably more meaningful if you can look in our eyes and tell we really mean it. Otherwise, us telling you that you look good won't be enough. You will want us to list why. Girls are insane.

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Women. . . Have feelings? When did this happen?

Thanks for the advice ThatBitch

There's a limit to how much this is true. Complimenting a girl too much isn't a good thing either.

Fuck. That. Shit.

god forbid people liking your outfit and saying it to you, god fucking forbid

Devices avatar Device Yeah You Are +2Reply

Yeah I'm probably breaking up with my girlfriend anyway soooo.... good luck with that guys

I feel that guys maybe shouldn't complain about this post so much. Are they not always asking what girls want them to do? This post pretty much sums up what we want. If guys want us to see their point of view, they should attempt seeing our side too.

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Soooo you're saying 'don't' randomly complement girls for no reason?

What about girls complimenting their guy? or calling him first? this is soo one sided.

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Yup this post is complete bullshit. Even when you do mean they don't believe it

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