People need to understand that every country has different standards of what is moral. In America, killing and eating your cat is a high form of inhumanity. However, in Africa, if you want to eat anything for the next few days, you better throw Mr. Whiskers on the BBQ, amirite?

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Way to generalize and compare a continent to a country. I get your point though.

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Africa isn't a country. I suppose in some parts of Africa people do what they have to to survive.
Us South Africans consider killing an innocent pet to be just as bad as you consider it. Most of us have more than enough food, just like Americans. I saw on a local news site once that we're somewhere in the world's top 10 countries with the most obese people. But even in the poorer parts, people don't kill their pets. There are some psychos who think animals don't have feelings, but I've seen a lot of poor people from the townships sit on the side of the road hoping for money or food or work, and they sit there with their dogs, giving them food before they have food themselves.
And yes, I know this post was a joke, it just bothers me how ignorant some people are.

That's a good point. Just not Africa, Some countries from Africa.

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People from Africa don't eat pets you morons, they treat pets exactly the same way as everywhere else in the world. Keep up the good stereotyping though, maybe one day when you leave your bubble in America you'l find out how average your country actually is and how surprisingly similar other countries are to your own.

You're just another ignorant American :)

If you come here you'd be surprised at the amount of pets in the townships and how everyone looks after them, sometimes giving them food before they themselves eat. It was a joke perhaps, but a really lame one at that

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I think OP should have said, "animals are animals. You may not normally eat your pets, but there are people who see a dog or cat as any other animal to eat and they shouldn't be looked at as insane."

Squirrels are cute but plenty of people eat them along with rabbits, deer, etc.

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The rabbit?

I agree with the first part of this post and the general message. But I don't agree with the example used.

Yup, I'm going to hell for laughing.

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i know what you mean, but most people don't do that in Africa

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Just like on Hoth.

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