You're not looking forward to Friday anymore, amirite?

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However, I am looking for to sitting in the front seat... or should I take the back?

_____________s avatar _____________ Yeah You Are +21Reply

There will be a buttload of Rebecca Black posts on Friday.

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are +14Reply

Are you kidding... we we we so excited, we so excited.

I finally watched the video and I can't decide if she's serious or not

afternooners avatar afternooner Yeah You Are +7Reply

Gettin' down on Friday.

Clay_s avatar Clay_ Yeah You Are +5Reply

No because if I go to a party with my friends, there'll be an aging black man following us there, rapping along the way.

I'm actually looking forward to Friday so I can make a reference to this suckish meme, ridiculing it.


cupcake12winxs avatar cupcake12winx Yeah You Are +3Reply

At least we all know that yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, and that tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. (i was not aware previously, you see.)

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