When you were a little kid, your older sibling (if you have one) seemed like the coolest person ever, amirite?

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Yes! She was always going out with friends and she always got mail (those COME CHECK OUT THIS MEDIOCRE COLLEGE letters) and I figured since people wrote to her and called her on the phone and took her to the movies I was just some uncool losermcbuttface or something.

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She's still cool :D

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My brothers used to protect me from bullies at school. Now though, they're wayy too over protective and basically decapitates any boy that looks at me :/

My brother was a jerk to me.

I hated my brother. He was always so mean to me and we argued all the time. And he used to get in trouble all the time both in and out of school. Him and I were complete opposites. Thankfully, he stopped acting so immature and stupid though. So now I love him. :)

No, my brother did a lot of drugs. A loooot of illegal drugs.

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