Walking is a really weird thing when you think about it. You constantly catch yourself from falling face first by putting your foot on the ground. Every step is like "Oh no. OH NO, I'M GONNA FALL! ...Nope, caught myself that time. WAIT NO I'M GONNA FALL AGAIN! ...Huh, maybe next time." amirite?

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Sinner: making posts that could be said in 10 words or less into a novella since forever.

Lovee youu. <3

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It's ok, I've been accused of the same thing.

Also, that sounds like something Taja might say. d smilie

I saw a documentary a few weeks ago that said "Walking is a series of controlled falls."

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The quote at the end sounds like something Paranoid Parrot would say.

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Knew this would be homepaged. Your homepaged posts just keep on coming Sinner.

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