Guys: One of the most fulfilling moments in life is when you graze your hand across a girls boobs, begin to panic, then you realize the girl either did not feel it or was not paying attention to whose hand grazed across their chest. amirite?

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If this is one of the most fulfilling things in your life, you need to get out more.

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oh we notice. it would just become an awkward situation if we were to call you out on it so we pretend like it didn't happen.

And then you try to do it again, Ninja-style.

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It's hilarious to pretend to be mad at a guy who does it because he just starts babbling and babbling about how it was an accident and he's sorry.

This one time my best guy friend did it and I was just laughing at his reaction so I didn't hear him try to explain himself but at the end I caught "...nice hooters."

It got awkward pretty fast...

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90% of the time, we just don't say anything.

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Okay, call me confused, but how the hell do girls not notice when a guy brushes their hand across one of the most skin sensitive areas of the body? As a girl, just saying, how does one get away with that?

@HuggersNOTdruggers Okay, call me confused, but how the hell do girls not notice when a guy brushes their hand across one of the most...

We notice, but at a place like my school with always crowded hallways, you're not always going to pay attention to who's had "grazed across" your chest.

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well its not like you can stay inside for this to occur...

lol i woulda thought guys would find it more fulfilling to have a girl LET and WANT a guy to touch her boobs...like...while making out or something. isn't that just a lil better than her just not noticing when u do it by accident?

haha try 95% of the time

Funnnnnnnny story: So I was with a bunch of my guy friends helping move some equiptment onto the stage at our school and I was trying to help my band teacher lift something up, but it was too heavy. So this really hot kid came up behind me and put his arms around me and was lifting it up and he was seriously all up in my grill. We never spoke of it again though...

inb4 cool story bro

Yes, it is better BUT! the secret swipe on a incredibly out of your league girl is quite fulfilling as most would agree...

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