Bathrooms are almost always down the hall and to the left, amirite?

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Mine's on the right. If you went left, you'd be peeing on my dad's bed.

Depends which way your coming from. O:

Omg! creepy.. i have 5 bathrooms, and if you are down the hall then they always are down the hall and on the left... creeepppyyy....

Mine's down the hall and to the RIGHT!
Oh yeah.
x) Lmao.

I live in an apartment... There's no hall.

Haha, I've never thought about that but it's so true!

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It depends on where you are and which way you are coming from.

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im upset, at a quick corner of your eye glance that smiley looks like a ninja... wait... maybe it is a ninja, when your not looking! wow...! im amazed! <3

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Right next to my room. It's like a square.

right at the end of the hall for me

actually it mostly accounts for movies

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