Walking downhill on ice is way scarier than walking uphill on ice. amirite?

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I'm not so sure, if you slip while going downhill, you still get to your destination, whereas if you slip going uphill, you have to start all over again

I don't know about that.
If it's really slippery downhill and you fall, a lot of the time you can catch yourself and fall in a somewhat safe manner since you're leaning the opposite way trying to keep balance. But I was walking uphill last week on a very steep, icy slope, and when I slipped, my feet went out from under me and I hit my face directly on the ice.
Got to disagree.

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I was walking downhill a couple days ago and skidded for like 10 feet because I didn't know the ice was even there--there was snow covering it. :P

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Id slide down hill on purpose

The real question is, 'Do I want to slip and fall on my face, possibly cracking it open?' or 'Do I want to slip and fall on my ass, knowing that I'll never be able to sit down again?'

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Both are utterly terrifying, and I try to avoid them at all costs.

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