How do you know an Asain has robbed your house? The cat is in the microwave, your homework is done and they're still trying to back out of the driveway, amirite?

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this is one of the best jokes i've heard in a while.

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An Asain has robbed your house? WTF is an Asain?

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Has the computer been massively upgraded as well?

Lol, in Aus, we have
-How do you know that an Abo has been in your house?
-Your thongs are gone and your dog is pregnant.

Okay, um...I'm not stupid (at least I'd like to think I'm not) but I don't understand the "backing out of the driveway" part. Anyone care to explain?

@Mary The stereotype is that Asians can't drive

It's not that Asians can't drive. It's just that Asians are bad at it.

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@Mary The stereotype is that Asians can't drive

Okay, thank you for filling me in. I do remember hearing that stereotype once, but not as often as the others.

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Probably because cats and dogs are eaten as parts of some Asian cuisine, I believe...

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lola theres so many other jokes like this for black,white,iraq. all funny but mean.

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