Waving is really strange as a greeting when you think about it. Who was the first person to think "Hey, it's my friend! I know, I'll shake my hand frantically in the air. They'll know what it means," amirite?

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waving attracts attention, attention initiates interaction therefore waving initiates interaction. It's not a big leap from 'I want to interact' to 'hello'.

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I never wave at my friends, i use a complex system of whistling and smoke signals, that way, all my friends know i am ready to get my freak on.

lol most of these "first person to blah blah blah" are really annoying but this one made me laugh :D

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You make a lot of stolen joke posts. And all at the same time. That's been old for ages, but I've never said a word about it.

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would you like some ice for that burn? oh wait... thats old too.

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