Guys: Women are part of your biggest soft spots, insecurities,sensitivity and/or vulnerabilities of your heart. Admit it, women are one of the things that can break you though many girls do not realize that they unknowingly posses this power, amirite?

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Not for me. I'm gay. Women are like houseplants to me - just there.

Preach it, brother!

Token_Blacks avatar Token_Black Yeah You Are +7Reply

Great, you had to let the ladies know this!

OhSnapWords avatar OhSnapWord Yeah You Are +7Reply

Pretty sure it goes ways for the majority of women too

MrTies avatar MrTie Yeah You Are +7Reply

Not for gays.

Anonymous +5Reply

Being in love can break any person's strength

Anonymous +2Reply

Kick in the nuts can hurt you..and even more when executed by a girl than a guy..

Anonymous 0Reply

that's really not true for me...

Anonymous 0Reply

do we really posses this power??

Anonymous 0Reply
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