Jokes about Rebecca Black are so last Friday, amirite?

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We can't keep making Rebecca Black jokes. Gotta be fresh.

frozensockss avatar frozensocks Yeah You Are +22Reply

Give her a break, seriously. She has a very troubling childhood. I mean it is an extremely difficult thing to decide which seat you're going to sit in. ESPECIALLY when there is only one seat open.

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@Give her a break, seriously. She has a very troubling childhood. I mean it is an extremely difficult thing to...

that's what I don't get, I mean does she expect someone to move if she decides to take the front seat?

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Making jokes about Rebecca Black is NOT fun! ...fun fun fun.

ali_ds avatar ali_d Yeah You Are +13Reply

I'm in too much of a rush eating my cereal to make jokes about Rebecca Black.

jcad16s avatar jcad16 Yeah You Are +11Reply

Good thing that bus didn't come, she'd have a fuckin' seizure trying to make a decision.

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Did you know, that Thursday comes before Friday, and then it's followed by Saturday, then Sunday comes afterwards?

i believe u mean Fraiiday*

She said she's having cereal, but at last she didn't. She also said she wanted to catch her bus, but at last she went on the car with her friends. She wondered which seat should she take when there is only one seat left. How would she know if someone dear died on Friday? And she still said fun, fun, fun.. LOL.

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"Seein' everything," the time is goin'
Tickin' on and on! ummm hello you cant see you don't even know where your seat is.....

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Then its saturday then sunday and so fucking on

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@hipster detected

hahaha..... it does sound like i'm a hipster.....

ninjacow910s avatar ninjacow910 Yeah You Are +1Reply

this is the boringest song i have heard in my whole life!

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Rebbeca Black needs to make a huge decision at a base ball field, theres so many FUCKIN SEATS!!!

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i feel bad for her, i mean not being able to pick a seat, when there is only one left is sad :(

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well i roses r red violets r blue as much as jb sucks so does rebeca black do to.

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roses are red, violets are blue, if rebecca black wins any awards, kanye, you know what to do.

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thank goodness she doesn't earn much now or else she would be dead by now wondering which seat to take on the airplanes.

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Rebecca Black is a sad weirdo. Anyone agree???

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