My mom brought home a step-ladder yesterday. It's so weird not having my real ladder around anymore, amirite?

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you get used to it. Unless it tries to make you screw its nuts.

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@Montana just covering my ground.

i wrote that original post. my account got deleted. i had duplicate accounts.

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@Montana if you are, my sister's name is michaela.

cool. i do actually have an account, i'm just writing all these comments as anon..

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This is POTD material.

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@__________ This is POTD material.

I'm gonna put my little vote in too.

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@NoSoapRadio Also, it's not nearly as good http://www.amirite.net/248286

Its a repost? Dang sorry I didn't know when I made it. I searched but didn't find another post.

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Lmao this is too funny :)

like a step father...?
i'm a little confused.

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@Yes, that's the joke.

(insert+username+here): Jokes?

That sounds fishy

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