You always look at the names of the people who had your textbook before you to see if you know who they are, amirite?

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Or to see if a MLIAer has been there

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +6Reply

Some guy called "mike hawk." I don't know him :/

dive_kt96s avatar dive_kt96 Yeah You Are +5Reply

I always write in my books Michael Jackson Issued: Black Returned: White

Badtothebones avatar Badtothebone Yeah You Are +3Reply

This one kid has his name in nearly every textbook, including new ones, and he graduated at least 2 years ago.
I didn't even know who this guy was. I only knew that everyone knew his name. He's sort of a legend at my school...

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are +3Reply

and get really really excited when you know that person

mackie_s avatar mackie_ Yeah You Are +3Reply

I look to see if it was someone who could be classified as a trouble maker so I can write in the book and blame it on them.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +3Reply

I happened to get my sister's L.A. Textbook from 2 years prior.

I do that with lockers, I had the same locker in 6th grade as i did in 4th grade.

Mandy Moore went to my high school. I'm currently the proud owner of her phsych book.

jordanhefners avatar jordanhefner Yeah You Are 0Reply

Some chick named "Johanna"

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are 0Reply

shaquettia booze... she is probaly black

stepdoms avatar stepdom Yeah You Are -1Reply
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