Girls are judged harsher on their looks than guys are, amirite?

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Girls are judged harder.... By other girls...

Quit judging each other, girls. =)

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Girls judge guys just as much as they judge other girls. And if a guy wears makeup to enhance his good features he's judged even more.

I think proof of this can be found in the show What Not To Wear. How often do you see a guy on that show? Next to never. And remember, the people on that show are nominated by their friends, coworkers, and family. And guys certainly aren't more stylish than women. But when a woman doesn't dress well, more people care. If a guy dresses like a slob, people notice, but they don't think that there needs to be a drastic change immediately. A woman wears too many oversized t-shirts and her friends call in Stacy and Clinton because it was harming her chances of getting a promotion.

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