Someone should paint a Pringles tube like a tennis ball tube and then give it to their tennis friend who'd be all like "Aw man. You got me good." And then they all eat pringles together, so everybody wins, amirite?

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hell yeah :D

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I call future POTD.

And you can do it the other way around, like put tennis balls in his Pringles tube.

@Courage_Wolf "And they all play tennis together" doesn't sound quite as nice :/

More like "and he throws tennis balls at you for replacing his pringles"

i laughed my ass off at the randomness of this. and i also can't wait to see it be POTD

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For some reason I wanted to say "she doesn't even go here" after reading this...

Thanks for congratulating me on my 1000th post! I can't believe you noticed, haha. I would've sent you a message, but it says you only allow messages from people you follow D:

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