Gabby sounds like the name of an annoying cock-blocking best friend of your girlfriend, amirite?

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@GabbyGirlie815 =(

Sorry...my girlfriend's best friend is named Gabby and she stole my girlfriend away for the whole break so I'm just venting...I'm sure you're a wonderful person!

My niece is named Gabby....

and I thought she was innocent.
d smilie

my best friend's girlfriend's friend is this total slut named gabby. We hate her.

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NO!! I hate being cock-blocked. I would never do that to other people! I am sad now that so many people agree with this.

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is your name zeeshan by any chance?

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I know a girl named Gabby and I think she's a rather pleasant young lady

im gabby too... :(

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thank god... you sure?

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@thank god... you sure?

Wait lemme think about this

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