Kids today might be spoiled, but they're nothing like they might be in the future. "Can you believe I had to pay $40 for my teleporter? And it doesn't even go out of the galaxy! Piece of crap", amirite?

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Damn teenagers and their expensive teleporters and their time machines. When I was their age all I had was an Xbox 360 and Porn.

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"Hey mom, I'm going to another galaxy, I'll be back in an hour,"
"Okay honey, just be sure to stay away from that galaxy with the rapist aliens,""BUT MOM! THEY HAVE REALLY GOOD CHEESE!"
"I don't want to hear it,"
"GAH! I can never do anything anymore!"

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back in my day we had the internet
not your fancy smancy hive mind

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THANK YOU!!! And it's not like Generation Y isn't spoiled. We were among the first to have TVs in our rooms.

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