The songs without lyrics, the ones that make people feel a range of emotions purely through melody, those are what should be the highest praised form of music, amirite?

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Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. <3 :D

the halo soundtrack :)

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Instrumental music always makes me so emotional. You shouldn't be told how to feel by a singer. You should just be able to feel it yourself.

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like rebecca black?

That's why I love Alan Menkin so much (he writes the music for a lot of Disney movies including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and a lot more)
Some of those scores really make me emotional XD
I love "Waiting for the lights" from tangled. And Kingdom dance (also from tangled). And I love every bit of music from The Little Mermaid and... I'm just stopping here so I don't list everything he's ever done.

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Immediate Music.

Also, I love the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Dunno if it's just me, but the Shire melody is beautiful.

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You mean like classical music?

@soccerfan You mean like classical music?

Not exclusively, obviously there are songs in other genres that have lyric less songs, even if it's just one, that could also apply.

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Best melodies I've ever heard.

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John Powell

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Dude, I was thinking about linking to that song, but I thought people in here wouldn't be able to understand the emotion in that majestic piece of music.

Two Steps From Hell

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