Braille letters should be created by putting the tiny dots into actual shapes of letters instead of Braille language. That way, the person can easily outline the letter with their finger and say, "oh! This is the letter (insert letter here)!", amirite?

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It was originally letters but it was found to be easier with braille.

There is already a form of raised letters that can also be used. I think the advantage to Braille is that your fingers don't have to "search" for the letter due to it's small size whereas with raised letters you have to "search" the whole letter to make sure it is correct and some of the lines my fade with time making the E feel like a F and such. But that is just pure speculation on my part as to why they used Braille over raised lettering....

What difference would it make

Yeah, Louis Braille (the inventor) found the letters to be more confusing because of the intense similarity between certain ones.

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And if you're born blind, or have been blind for a while, I'm pretty sure learning a language meant for people like you is easier than trying to learn a badly adapted one

That'd be sorta cool. For someone who's blind, they can FEEL what a letter looks like.

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