Let's say you had frost bite on your foot. You were steadily trying to warm up your foot... and then your toe breaks off. "Ahh my toe!? :'(" You instantly think super glue time! But you really wouldn't super glue it back on. amirite?

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Getting frostbite means superglue doesn't work anymore

I'd superglue my foot back on if I had a bowl of stupid for breakfast.

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My first thought would probably be," OH MY FUCKING GOD I JUST LOST A TOE." And then maybe I'd think about getting to the nearest hospital. You know, maybe.

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Ahahaha this just made my day.

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@Ahahaha this just made my day.

Aww thank you so much :D I thought you'd be some hateful person telling me how much of a moron I am.

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I think I would try that

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Because everyone just knows what they would be thinking if they got frostbitten, I mean DUH!

I thought of that guy in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie whose foot freezes and then he accidentally snaps his own toe off...

So, all the people who voted no way would use the super glue?

Hahaha this totally just made my day (:


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