Everyone's ugly when they yawn. amirite?

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^yawning mouth with the ugly wrinkles you get when you yawn.

i_am_boreeeeds avatar i_am_boreeeed Yeah You Are +3Reply

except babies

@Yousra except babies

And kittne@1189294 (Yousra): and kittens

Francoiss avatar Francois Yeah You Are +15Reply

DAMMIT you made me yawn.

kittens, puppies, etc

Alex15s avatar Alex15 No Way +1Reply

Nah one of my friends looks cute when she yawns. Like a little kid or something.

this made me yawn.

Anonymous 0Reply

I guess I'm the only one that's ultra-super-sexy when I yawn.

Anonymous 0Reply

I try to inhale and exhale through my nose, but that just doesn't do it and I big yawn anyway. Makes me feel even more tired yawning twice.

Apathys avatar Apathy Yeah You Are 0Reply

I get it. you're hot when you yawn. Wait to lie.

Rewamns avatar Rewamn Yeah You Are 0Reply
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