I've always wondered what happens to the kids (who are socially unacceptable) after High School. Did they get jobs? Did they go to college? Are they treated nicely? Have they avoided a mental hospital from rage outbursts? Have they killed someone? All of these questions floating around and yet most of them will never be answered, amirite?

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haha, maybe you could become facebook friends with them

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I think it depends on what kind of socially unacceptable. The ones who are really awkward around people but otherwise fairly normal will go to college, get their degree, and spend their life working a desk job. They may get married if they grow out of their awkwardness, or they might live alone with their dog. Pretty much a boring, but otherwise normal life.

On the other hand, the kids who spend all their time playing MMOs will probably go to community college, give up on community college, and go on to live in their mom's basement. (speaking from experience here, don't get offended)

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Well there is facebook. The only awkward kid we had in highschool was this chick that went on to become a surgeon because "she likes blood", but last I heard she was failing because she was pretty much a retard. (seriously).

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