Cramming students into a gymnasium (without any advanced warning) and giving a small percentage pizza and the rest rice (showing percentages of people with access to good food versus people who don't, on a global scale) and forcing them to watch videos of young children crying over their parents' deaths is the WRONG way to convey the message of world hunger to a student population. Amirite?

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Idk. It sounds kind of fun to me.
And sometimes you need something shocking like that.
When my English teacher was about to read Night with us a few years back, she pretended to be all Hitler-y and such, only treating the blue eyed blond haired kids good. The rest of us had to do degrading little tasks and take her shit all period.

But we got the point better.

Shugahs avatar Shugah No Way +14Reply

If you pay five dollars at my school, you can take part in this.

It's for the march of dimes, and the "rich" people literally get pizza, ice cream, rice, french fries, and a muffin,as well as 3 to 4 HUGE bottles of water.

The "poor" people only get a little mouthful of bread and a couple drops of water.

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I think if you have fair warning it's ok.

Depends how old these kids are. I think high school kids and maybe middle school kids could handle it.

Honestly, I think it's a good way to hit it a bit closer to home. If you're walking away feeling sorry for yourself because you choose not to eat breakfast every morning and usually enjoy lunch and (presumably) dinner, then you're probably missing the point, which is to think outside of yourself and realize others out there are in conditions and circumstances that demand our attention and empathy and weigh considerably more than our (usually) privileged concerns.

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When my camp did it, we found it not hard at all and borderline fun. It's supposed to be hard or it will miss the point completely, as I know from experience.

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My church did this...

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@Lkun My church did this...

My school did this today. They were giving out water, but when it was my turn to get some, they had just ran out. Their response? "Too bad - that's what it's like to be a child in Africa."
Not to mention I hadn't eaten anything all day because I get sick when I eat in the morning...

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@KatOwnsYourSoul My school did this today. They were giving out water, but when it was my turn to get some, they had just ran out...

not to mention thats not at all their problem. its still wrong, but what you just said was unspeakably stupid.

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