When your reading teacher tells you that you will see Romeo's backside for a second, you think "oh, I can handle that" but when you're in a classroom with your writing teacher and Romeo's butt is on the SmartBoard for, like, EVER you start cracking up and sheilding your eyes from the hairy butt essence of Romeo while wishing he'd put on his tights faster. But then you see Juliet's nipple, amirite?

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We watched it. Juliet was hot. I enjoyed the nipple.

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This exact situation happened to me in freshman year! And my teacher told us that she "forgot" the clean version and all we'd see was Romeo's butt. Yeah, I guess she also "forgot" about the full view of Juliet's boobs.

I did watch that movie on the SmartBoard. No one really laughed though.

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lol, my teacher just skipped it and went to the next chapter.

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And all of this took place in ONE classrooms??

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