It's very difficult to tell someone you went to Harvard without sounding like you're bragging, amirite?

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That's one problem I don't have..wary smilie

Oh my God it's been so long! So how have you been?
Me, I've been doing much of the usual. I have a new boyfriend. I think this one's a keeper. I finally watched the second the Lord of the Rings movie, you know how I've never seen that one. I've seen the other 2 like 10 times, but never that one. I learned this really cool new pesto recipe. Hmm, what else... Oh yeah, and I went to Harvard.

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never thought about it but it's so true. If anyone told me that I' just think 'prick' in my head : )

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@jordanhefner firstworldproblems.

It's not really a problem, I don't go there :)
It's just an observation I made when I tried to tell someone as a joke.

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Natalie Portman can, but she is just like that. Always humble.

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Oh man, I hate it when that happens

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