It's extremely annoying how phone companies are modeling their phones to look like the iPhone, amirite?

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Why is that annoying? Just because I don't overpay by 100s every month on my phone bill doesn't mean I can't have a nice looking phone.

If that's what you considered extremely annoying, you must have a good life.

Considering Apple actually uses the materials (screens and such) from companies like HTC and Samsung, it's no wonder they're all similar. Apple just makes a bigger fuss about it and doesn't like to let on their hardware isn't theirs.

Should they make their large touchscreen phones look like a pyramid? Should they make a sphere phone?

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I think it's extremely annoying because they are building their phones to look like the iphone and then at the end of the commercial they say something like "simply genius" uhh NO. Not simply genius. You're fucking copying the same model as the iPhone. BE ORIGINAL FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

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Almost every single high end touch phone looks exactly the same, it's like no other company has any sort of originality what so ever.

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I hope your talking about Samsung!!

I hate iPhones.

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