There's always that one song that makes you want to dance like a hooker, amirite?

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I wish it were possible to love comments multiple times.

Hakuna Matata

sprite590s avatar sprite590 Yeah You Are +17Reply

Ohh, pfft, i do that regardless of what song I'm listening to

Anonymous +14Reply

YouTube video thumbnail

PurpleZebras avatar PurpleZebra Yeah You Are +13Reply

Im a guy and i understand...

Anonymous +7Reply

my favorite kind of music.

fatimas avatar fatima Yeah You Are +6Reply

Shake That by Eminem ft. Nate Dogg.

nardclapper06s avatar nardclapper06 Yeah You Are +3Reply

party in u.s.a

Predys avatar Predy Yeah You Are +1Reply

Baby Got Back!

dragonrider713s avatar dragonrider713 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Hookers don't dance! They hump and on to the next one, duhh.

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