Being a singer is easy. With autotune, it can make a horrible singer become the greatest. This would guarantee fame in the music industry. With acting, you actually need to know how to act. You can't "pretend" to be a great actor. amirite?

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Autotune does not turn a bad singer into a great one.

These days, it matters more how you look than whether or not you can actually act.

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I love how you put quotation marks around pretend because if they could pretend then they would be a good actor/actress

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I think Brandon Flowers proves you don't need to sing great OR auto-tune to be famous.

If you can pretend to be a good actor and get away with it, then I think you did a pretty good job of acting.

or you could just be hot & you'd be famous even if you were a horrible actor

Well yeah, if they so chose to abandon their morale and just go down the auto-tune road. But it's not like there aren't singers that don't do autotune. You have to give props to the ones that do it the actual way, for lack of a better phrase, the "hard way".


Autotune does not guarantee fame, first of all. Second of all, do you know how many struggling musicians there are?

have you never seen the secret life of the american teenager? they cannot act at all but they're all famous.

Autotune guarantees success in the music industry? Look out, world! Ima be a staaaaar!

What does "it" represent in the second sentence?

Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous actress. She can't act.

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Megan Fox? Kristin Stewart? Almost any Disney Channel star in the past 5 years?

Tell that to Nichols Cage.

Auto tune made Rebecca Black 'famous'. LOL.

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It's inevitable at this point. Happy Friday!

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