Dear mom, I'm wearing skinny jeans. Seriously, If I can't get them off, neither can the rapist. Love, your daughter, amirite?

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Dear they_call_me_jane,

Please stop stealing from me.

Sincerely, Dearblankpleaseblank

If you can't get them off, you need a bigger size.

I beg to differ...i've got a pair of scissors.

dpbp.... stop re-posting. still funny tho.

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This isn't really an opinion...

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i just read this like, 2 seconds ago on dearblankpleaseblank it was funny the first time, but when you see it copied, no...just no

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So you'd have to shower in them...and going to the bathroom would be an entire, more disgusting story

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I think they'll find a way ;]

Challenge. Accepted.

That won't stop an animal with a knife. They might slice your tummy and use you there.

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