Women need to learn to make sandwiches during sex, amirite?

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obviously those that clicked yeah you are are male and dont have girlfriends and probably with that attitude never will have girlfriends.

Goodluck in life =)

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Oh god yes, my life will be complete when I accomplish this skill. I'm getting close, I can almost make toast.

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Obvious troll is obvious, don't feed it or it'll return

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@Obvious troll is obvious, don't feed it or it'll return

I hope you're not referring to me. I is not trollin'

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Calm the fuck down.
It's a joke.
And it's funny.

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That skill would change my life forever. I would have sex just so I could say "hey, check this out...BAM!!!"

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Dude...as a female...if I could make a bombass sammich while having sex, my life would be complete. Just sayin :]

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I am so confused

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