"Does the purple people eater eat purple people, or is it purple itself?" is a good question, amirite?

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"I said, 'Mr. Purple People Eater, what's your line?'
He said, 'It's eatin' purple people and it sure is fine.'"

The Purple People Eater eats purple people. _^

Illogical, captain. The name is Purple People Eater. So it either eats purple people, or IS purple and ears people. It doesn't eat purple.

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Eats*, my bad.

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I've been pondering this for years...

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Purple people eater is a jellllyyyfisshhhh. Well that's what the surfing person said

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Well, let me be a smarty intelligent person real quick and explain it (I really shouldn't know the answer and it's so bad that I do. Lol) :

the creature's full name is "One Eye One Horn Purple People Eater"
and since there is a constant description of the creature ("one eye, one horn") you would expect purple to describe the creature as well, not the people. So do watch out and do not get eaten by this creature. :)

I know this because when I was little we watched the music video for the song and the monster was purple. lol

Whoa I wrote a lot. >.>

breaks out into song One Eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater...

Actually, I think it's BOTH. Because it eats purple people but then the pictures of it are always purple. But then I guess that would make it the one eyed one horned flying purple purple people eater which doesn't have the same ring.

Well since there's no such thing as a purple person, I always took it as it's purple itself and eats people.

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