It makes you feel bad when you have to grade somebody's paper and they get a really bad grade, and even though it's not your fault you still feel kind of responsible.. amirite?

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I just hate the awkward eye contact that comes after wards and they're all ashamed/embarrassed of their grade/ pissed at you and you just wanna say
"Sorry, man.
Shit Happens."

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I always try to grade nicely.
"Hmm... Spelling counts? Well I guess that may be a C. I'll give it to them."

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even worse when you proof read their paper...

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Life Story/ FLASHBACKOnce i gave people a 3 question quiz and it wasnt worth much but i still was pretty much screaming the answers yet some people still got them wrong and i would go to them hinting the real answers. People still managed to get some wrong. While entering their marks in i felt really bad when i would right 3/3 it would be 100 and when i wrote 2/3 it would be 66% (34% difference) and it wasnt a HUGE mark so i guilted myself into giving everyone who bothered to do the quiz 100%...for some reason the 66% bothered me more than the 0
this was when i realized i could never become a teacher
End Of LifeStory

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It's strange, throughout school, I always liked giving other people bad grades, it made me feel better about mine.

I had this one kid who got 0/7. and he didn't really care

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You're all teachers? :o

I was checking my brother's homework, and he took 6 pages of notes. I skimmed, and got 20% better than him.

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