It sucks when you try to google yourself and a porn star shows up, amirite?

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I googled myself a few years ago and got a halfway-decent painter and an online voodoo service frown smilie

It's tough being Jazmyn Desires...

Unless you are a porn star. Then you get what you want?

In 6th grade the teacher was Googling everyone's name in the class on the SmartBoard (so it was in front of everyone) and I have a really unusual name that I don't think anyone has except me. The closest thing that came up was a porn star and everyone kept teasing me about it until I left that school.

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Is that bad? D: I'm her size, but 97 lbs...

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When I'm googling myself a porn star always shows up and asks "do you need a hand?"

She usually sucks too. ;)

I share a name with a model, does that count?

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I share a name with a pornstar. It's made for an interesting experience when we googled ourselves for a class project

haha...it sucks...

What? I can't think of anything I'd rather find on google than a pornstar that shares my name

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