It's fun yet a little confusing to listen to drummers try to describe a beat to each other- "So, does it go like, bum-bum-ch-ch-bum-bum-buh-ch?" "No man, it's more like buh-dum-ch-ch-bum-bum-buh-ch-ch!", amirite?

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tis my favourite sound :)

I'm in drumline, but I play cymbals so I suck at the drum sounds haha

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Dude, get it right its dum-buh-dum-ch-ch-bum-ch-bum-bum-buh-ch-bum!

@Montana no: ba-dum-bah-dum-bu-bu-bu-bum-dum!

I'm sorry, i just can't seem to get it right...i'll keep trying! Is it like this:ba-dum-bah-dum-bu-dam-bum-ba-da-bum?

Anybody else think of the spongebob episode where mr. Krabs is all "beep boo boo bop boo boo beep bop"?

Well my friend is a drummer and he drums wherever he can. On desks, walls, floors and drumkits (It's like he has freaking ADHD or something.)
Anyway when he describes a beat he tries to make it anywhere he can wherever he can, not sound it out with his voice :P

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Usually, but I understood that one!

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