Those shirtless guys they have outside stores like Abercrombie should make themselves useful and hand out gas masks so we don't suffocate from all the perfume and puke sticks because you need to have an eating disorder to fit in any clothes there. amirite?

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some people actually fit in the clothes there...you seem a bit spiteful and insecure about your size...

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This is kind of offensive to people who CAN fit in them..

Yeah, you must be insecure about yourself or jealous, because I can fit in any of the clothes they have there, so no you don't need to have an eating disorder to shop there. That's pretty insensitive in itself.

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I don't necessarily agree with the food disorder thing. I can still fit in their clothes and I am not the skinniest nor do I have the best body. It's not like they only sell extra smalls.

What's a "puke stick" exactly?

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Lol someone's mad jelly.

They do have large sizes... you're probably fat.

I think the shirtless guys are just fine standing there without the gas masks or "puke sticks"... They are quite a sight to see ;)

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I'm pretty sure this post offended as many, if not more, people as the posts people make about political issues or religion specifically to cause controversy.

Everyone is taking this so seriously but it is obviously meant to be a joke. I fit in all their clothes too and I understand that it's not a personal attack. And all of you saying that OP is fat, you're insulting someone for indirectly insulting you. Am I the only one who doesn't see the point in that?

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Dude, fuck you. I wear a 00 and I DEFINITELY do not have an eating disorder. Do you think super tiny people actually enjoy it?

This really pisses me off. I shop here, and the fact that you think I have to "have an eating disorder to shop here" I find that very insulting and rude when there are people put there with disorders. Don't forget Abercrombie comes in large. It's not a plus size store. Shop at lane Bryant if you can't shop here.

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Haha the preppies are so mad... but really, they do make the clothes there way tighter than normal clothes and the whole store is pitch black and covered in fumes. The quality's okay but the styles are unoriginal and all you're paying for is a logo that makes you look like a conformist teen.

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I am personally offends by this, A's other people said, you dont need an eating disorder. I am an athlete and I train 2-4 hours everyday. So obviously I eat a lot and I still fit the clothes there. Don't be hating.

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I'm so sick of people making a deal of Abercrombie being dark (I have less than average vision and can see everything perfectly, you don't have to count the threads to buy a shirt) and smelling like perfume (1. It's called advertising, 2. No one complains about Bath and Body Works being scented, 3. It's perfume, not a dead skunk. It's not that fucking bad.) And as a matter of fact, I do find their clothes attractive and not at all as expensive as some seem to think. If you feel the need to bash the company because you can't fit in the clothes, can't afford them, or they just aren't your style, too bad. No one wants to hear it.

It's just expensive.

Yea I'm on the verge of being overweight for my height but I can still fit into clothes there. Do I buy any? No bc I don't shell out a ton of money for a ugly ass shirt or pair of jeans that is not stylish and only has the store logo on it.

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