it sucks when your halloween costume is the one that has to be explained over and over. amirite?

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I decided to be creative and went as a basket of laundry. Despite the fact that I'd cut a hole in a laundry basket and was wearing it around my waist, no one got it.

I had to explain to everyone what the Doppler effect was

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About four years ago I dressed up as a rock star. Everyone thought I was Hannah Montana. I guess I should've thought out the costume a little more, considering I have blonde hair...

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I went as Draco last year (I'm a girl), and everybody was really confused. I eventually put my hair down and went as Hermione.

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Happened to me when I was Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender. No one knew who I was.

I was Harry Potter last year, and a friend came up to me and pointed to my forehead. "What's that?" "Oh, I'm Harry Potter, that's my scar." "Oh, does he have a scar?"
I was like "..."

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